Payment Policy & Credit Card Authorization

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Payment for Services — IMS requires payment in full at the time services are ordered. Further, IMS requires that you provide a credit card authorization with your initial order. For your convenience, we will use this authorization to charge your account for services, which may include labor and material handling, not covered by your initial payment.



Discount Prices — To qualify for discount pricing, orders must be received with payment on or before the discount price deadline.



Method of Payment-IMS accepts MasterCard, VISA, & American Express. Check or bank transfers are accepted but must reach our offices or bank by the discounted deadline date for those prices to apply. Purchase Orders are not considered payment. All payments must be made in US Funds drawn on a U.S. Bank. If you choose to pay by check or transfer we still require a Payment Policy to be on file in the event there are charges incurred at show site.



Exhibitors may be subject to a $35.00 service fee for all returned checks and/or charge backs.



Wire Transfer — Please contact our office for wire transfer information 817-337-3050 ext. 5.



*Third Party BillingEach exhibiting firm is ultimately responsible for all charges incurred on its behalf. IMS reserves the right to institute collection action against the exhibitor if the authorized third party does not pay.




Tax Exempt — If you are tax exempt in the state in which you will be exhibiting, you must provide a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for that state. Please send the above information with your orders for the show. IMS must receive your certificate with your order, otherwise tax will appear on your invoice.



Adjustments and Cancellations — Adjustments to your invoice will not be made after the close of show. Some items, services and labor are subject to cancellation fees. Refer to each order form for details. Understand that the total on the calculation of orders may not directly reflect your final invoice due to any additions to the order on site or any errors made in the calculation total prior to order entry.



If you have any questions regarding our payment policy, please call exhibitor services at 817-337-3050 or visit our Service Desk at the show. Please complete the information and return payment in full with this form and your orders. You may choose to pay by credit card, check or bank wire transfer; however, we require your credit card charge authorization to be on file with IMS. You agree to late fees up to 1.5% per month on any balance left without appropriate card on file. For your convenience, we will use this authorization to charge your credit card for any additional amounts ordered by your representative or services rendered to your company for this event.



IMPORTANT: any unauthorized representatives wishing to place an order at show site must provide a personal credit card.

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